Tracy Vail and Tanya McDowell had a shared vision in 1995.  That vision was of a clinic where children with communication disorders would receive the best possible services and parents would be partners in their child's success. The desire was to hire and train the most passionate therapists in the field and encourage them to find the specialty area(s) that would allow them to be the "best of the best" in the services they provide.  Given they were both working moms, they were committed to creating a work environment that allowed people to create balance in their lives.  Since that time they have added consulting, and training services to the existing speech and language therapy.  The "team approach" allows the needs of each individual child to be addressed in an effective and efficient manner.  We strive to match therapists with the needs of each individual child to insure the child's receives the most innovative and up to date treatment.  They have built a clinic with observation windows and headphones, lots of excellent toys and equipment and hired the best office staff in town! Through the years, all decisions have been made out of that original shared vision and has allowed thousands of children to be helped!