We are pleased to share the positive feedback we have received from many of our patients. If you would like to share your experience at Let's Talk please email our Office Manager, Sharon Carroll, at scarroll@letstalksls.com. Thank you for sharing!

Tanya has been working with my 7-year old son for over a year and he has made excellent progress! When he began working with her, his speech was difficult to understand: he had a noticeable lisp and didn’t clearly say “sh”, “ch”, “j”, “r” or “l” sounds. His speech is now so much easier to comprehend. In addition, she has done wonders for his ability to hold a conversation, and has improved his nonverbal communication, including eye contact, as well as his social/interpersonal communication skills. Tanya brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to every lesson. She observes and listens to my son and addresses anything she thinks could be improved to help him better to communicate with his peers. She is highly effective but also keeps the therapy very positive, incorporating games and lots of lighthearted moments. I am very, very grateful to Tanya for the outstanding work she has done with my son.

Maria P.

In 2009 my daughter, at age four, was diagnosed with Apraxia. We worked with several speech therapists over many years with limited success, until we were referred to Tanya McDowell in 2013. Tanya is a very experienced SLP, very professional, and lots of fun.
Tanya addresses the whole person and thinks outside the box. She engaged my daughter from the start, expecting a lot, but never overwhelming her. My daughter loves "Miss Tanya" and our twice weekly sessions, and we are very happy with the progress she has made.

Deborah H.

Our family has been using Let's Talk for several years for our son Mason's speech therapy. Mason has a dual diagnosis of Autism and Apraxia and we have been very pleased with his progress thus far.

We went through many providers before being referred to Let's Talk, so we are very aware of options and for us, there has never been a comparison close. Mason and his therapist work very hard together for all the words he now has and we are also beyond grateful for the wealth of knowledge that Ashley continues to deliver our way. Her intentions to help Mason reach his full potential never go unnoticed. Being able to work with her is, and will continue to be, one of the greatest blessings to us and will heavily impact Mason's future in the most positive way.

This journey can be challenging, but also rewarding and having such a passionate and talented therapist work with our child on a regular basis has brought us hope and shown us countless "shining moments". I honestly couldn't recommend them and Ashley more!

The Gyger Family

My 4 year old son has been doing two 30 minute sessions a week with Tracy For over a year now and I couldn't be more pleased with our experience. My son went from saying a few words to sentences and conversations in less than a year. Tracy is amazing! I attend every session and see the way she works with him and am able to take home tools to help my child. We've worked with many therapists over the past few years and she has by far made the greatest impact. She has also been his biggest advocate in any situation that we've been faced with. She's attended school meetings, spoken with his teachers, other therapists. She's even come to our house to help us with behavioral issues we were having when he was younger. I can't rave enough about how wonderful she's been and how much she's changed our outlook on our sons future.

Jamie B.

Matthew first started at Let's Talk in September 2007.  He has speech therapy twice a week with Erin and we think she great.  We are very pleased with his progress and he continues to surprise us all.  The methods used make his therapy sessions fun and they draw him out of his "own world".  Since he started working with Erin he has let others into his "own space".  He is communicating his needs more and interacting with others more.  He is happy when we pull into the parking lot and he knows just where to go.  He has a folder full of things to work on at home and he really enjoys going through all of the activities during the week.  He even takes the folder out and works with it independently.  Erin has shared her expertise with Matthew's after school workers, answering questions and teaching them her techniques.  I have learned from her myself and feel grateful that we have her in Matthew's life.  Rebecca F.

It's hard to put into "words" what I am about say about Let's Talk Speech and Language and the services that helped my daughter and our family...but I will try.

Professional, invaluable, miraculous and hope are a few words that come to mind when I think of Let's Talk Speech and Language services.

One of my daughter's challenges is apraxia of speech and low muscle tone. She had never really babbled or attempted to make many noises. With no choice, she ultimately had to cry for everything she needed. She had been seeing therapists since she was 7 months old for feeding and speech therapies, but made minimal progress with speech. Even after several hours of speech therapy a week, at 3-years old she could still only utter a few words like "mama" and "no".

We almost lost hope and gave in to her disability. But hope did arrive with a recommendation from a friend. She recommended Let's Talk Speech and Language services because they helped her non-verbal son (who is now verbal). We started therapy two times a week with Tanya McDowell. Only a few months into therapy, my daughter was making more sounds, verbalizing, and attempting to communicate. Today at 4 and 1/2 she is speaking in short sentences and can repeat almost any word I say.

I cannot express how grateful we are to have found the "angel" to help guide our journey. When I look back and think about where we were...lost with almost no hope, and where we are today, a year and a half later, (with my daughter repeating everything I say and requesting wants and needs) I am tremendously hopeful that my daughter WILL eventually have "normal" speech one day. Every week I see progress and a transformation. I am so grateful to have found such an experienced, dedicated and caring person to help us with my daughter's accomplishments. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!!!

Gina L.

"Tracy, Thank you very much for being such a wonderful advocate for our son Sean! We are so pleased with the outcome at our recent IEP meeting - and it would not have been possible without you!We feel so fortunate to be working with you and the therapists at Lets Talk. You and your clinic are truly a blessing to our family! Thank You!"

Robin C

Our son Matthew is 13 years old and has been receiving Speech and Occupational Therapy at Let's Talk since May of 2007.

Our son has Autism along with delayed speech and has been in therapy since he was a year old.  He has made true progress with the knowledgeable and loving help of Erin Maher.  She has not only helped Matthew, she has helped us to help Matthew. 

Matthew also receives Occupational Therapy.  For the past year he has received OT from Abby Carrol-Sharpe and I have found her to be a valuable part of his therapy.  He is working on practical things in his every day life.  She has been so helpful in teaching Matthew about the world around him.  She shares wonderful ideas that will help us in rasing a teenager. 

Matthew loves to go to therapy with Erin and Abby and he will always ask to go and see them. 



Paul and Theresa S.


"Words can't describe the gratitude our family has towards Tanya and Let's Talk.  We had our son, Nicholas, evaluated by 2 separate speech therapists and he began therapy at the age of 2 with no success.  We were told he was still young, not to worry and to continue with sign language.  After a year we relocated to North Carolina and were referred to Let's Talk by a new friend.  Within 10 minutes Tanya was able to identify that Nicholas had Verbal Apraxia.  Finally having a diagnosis was terrifying.  However, the support, genuine care and individual investment Tanya showed him each and every session helped Nicholas find his VOICE.  He could finally use words to express himself and sing.  Tanya gave our family an incredible gift!  Nicholas just finished preshcool.  Watching him sing on stage at his little graduation brought our family tears of joy." 

Tracy C.

At two and a half, after six months of speech therapy elsewhere, our son had only two words and was diagnosed with apraxia of speech.  We knew we needed to find a speech therapist who was experienced in PROMPT and lucky found Tanya McDowell.  After working with Tanya for 10 months, our son is speaking in full sentences.  Tanya is amazing! She uses not only PROMPT but many different techniques and the results have been simply remarkable.  Tanya is a lifesaver and our son adores her.



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