Dare County Schools training on Using Discrete Trial Teaching in the Schools!

Dare County Schools training on Using Discrete Trial Teaching in the Schools

  • "Thanks for making this the most meaningful and enjoyable 2 day workshop that I've attended during teacher workdays ever in the past 22 years!  Your video clips and examples were great!!
  • "Tracy's addition of explanations of language development and the functions of language for communication bridged the gap left after other trainings."
  •  "This workshop came at a perfect time for me and will become the starting point for this new year with my new child."
  •  "I would like to see ALL of our teachers attend this workshop!"
  •  "This was an excellent workshop.  You had high energy which kept my attention.  I loved the video clips and seeing the children's growth!  I felt I got to know the kids and their growth really touched me."
  • "You gave me some great ideas!"
  • "Tracy would be very excellent at also providing an overview of ASD, especially for general education teachers!"
  • "For me, the film clips were the best way for me to learn how to interact, teach facts, build fluency, repetition, reinforcement etc..Everything was very informative."
  • "I want more!"
  • "I would like to see regular ed teachers have training or at least grade level representation because of the higher number of kids we are seeing."
  • "I loved it!  Very informative and helpful."
  • "I am leaving this workshop with a wealth of ideas on how to approach, get to know and teach my new student."
  • "Loved it!  Great 2 days and very interesting."




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