My son, Josiah Jones, was assigned to Speech Therapist Laura Manning for about one year.  When he first met with her he had no instructional control and no communicative words.  Twice a week I watched Josiah open up to Laura more, start complying with her instructions, and begin to say words that we could understand.  His focus and eye contact with her was greatly improved.  The last months with Laura before, she moved out of the state, he became even more verbal.  He even told us to "open the door...wanna go"  while Laura and I were chatting about his session.  We were both pleasantly surprised.  Laura's final session with Josiah was very emotional.  He continued to show great progress.  At the end of our session for the last time with Laura, she said goodbye to Josiah and he actually said "bye" as if he knew it was their last time together.  Laura was visibly moved by this. 

Sharon J.

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