Tracy ,

I just want to thank you.  I've been in many therapist offices now and have met many therapists, but our experience yesterday was a first.  You made me (and I'm sure Jordyn too) feel like we were the only people you had to see yesterday.  I never saw you glance at your watch or a clock and you never appeared to be in a hurry - even though I realized when we left that we had taken a lot of your time and I'm sure stayed longer than our "allotted" time.  You answered all of my questions and seemed to even wait to make sure I had asked everything before wrapping it up.  What a difference - I didn't leave with my mind in a whirlwind trying to remember what was said - I left with a feeling of hope for Jordyn and a feeling of peace - that at last we have found the right place.  And, Jordyn loved you - as much as she loves interaction, she is not normally falling all over someone she just met!  So, again, thank you very much.  I'm excited about getting started at Let's Talk!

Kim R.

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