Maria P

Tanya has been working with my 7-year old son for over a year and he has made excellent progress! When he began working with her, his speech was difficult to understand: he had a noticeable lisp and didn’t clearly say “sh”, “ch”, “j”, “r” or “l” sounds. His speech is now so much easier to comprehend. In addition, she has done wonders for his ability to hold a conversation, and has improved his nonverbal communication, including eye contact, as well as his social/interpersonal communication skills. Tanya brings tremendous energy and enthusiasm to every lesson. She observes and listens to my son and addresses anything she thinks could be improved to help him better to communicate with his peers. She is highly effective but also keeps the therapy very positive, incorporating games and lots of lighthearted moments. I am very, very grateful to Tanya for the outstanding work she has done with my son.

Maria P.

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