Tracey D

"Mommy, let's go find more Easter eggs!"..."I don't want to watch that video... it scares me"..."Daddy, fill the pool up so we can swim"..."I'm finished eating, may I pleased be excused?" Wow!!!! Words and sentences I only daydreamed of hearing flow from Rachel's mouth 2 years ago.


I cry tears of joy when I ponder where she was with her speech... and where she's come!


At her 17 month well baby check, I insisted Rachel be evaluated at the DEC for developmental Delay. And, although she showed marked delay in development, it was not recommended that she start speech therapy. Again, I insisted she start some therapy and that the state pay for its mandated portion.( Remember, we parents are our children's BEST advocates ) Well, Rachel did start speech therapy at a large facility in Raleigh that caters to MANY clients. Although kind folks, their approach to Rachel was very "canned". "Rachel, say pig". "Rachel, say oink". When I questioned (not trying to diagnose) the chance that Rachel might have traits of Apraxia, I was brushed off quickly, being told that (that) was a very controversial diagnoses. When I asked about homework I could be doing with my daughter... one sheet of pictures was copied on the machine and handed to me without much explanation. Three strikes... THEY were OUT!!!


Our Early Intervention Advocate advised me to immediately call LET'S TALK. I did.. and it has been a love affair ever since.


Rachel started right away with Tanya McDowell... and funny thing.. with her (Tanya's) very professional approach, and using a method that works well with kids with "apraxia".. Rachel started speaking words!!! They had a great repoire , I was given a folder (the famous purple one known well to all Let's Talk clients) which got thick with homework that Rachel did at home with a little M&M bribing. Yeah, praise the Lord,.... progress.


After a good foundation of speech/vocabulary was established it was determined by Tanya and Tracy that Tracy should pick up Rachel. I ssoo appreciated their professional collaborating and teamwork. Rachel loved Miss Tanya, but soon fell in love with Miss Tracy too!!!!!!!!!! With a slightly different technique for her new needs, Rachel continued in her progress.


Rachel has graduated from LET'S TALK with Tracy and Tanya's blessings. Whenever we drive down Jones Franklin Road , I hear...". There's Miss Tanya and Miss Tracy "!!!! (don't forget about Miss Jamie and Miss Sharon too)


What a fine practice!!!! I don't just say that with a mom opinion... I am a former peds nurse... and I know how things should run.


My daughter now reads to ME at night. What a blessing. LET's TALK... we love you.


I will send you a picture of Rachel's first day of Kindergarten next year!"


In Appreciation, Tracey D.

Tracey D.

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