We are pleased to share the positive feedback we have received from many of our patients. If you would like to share your experience at Let's Talk please email our Office Manager, Sharon Carroll, at scarroll@letstalksls.com. Thank you for sharing!

Tracy ,

I just want to thank you.  I've been in many therapist offices now and have met many therapists, but our experience yesterday was a first.  You made me (and I'm sure Jordyn too) feel like we were the only people you had to see yesterday.  I never saw you glance at your watch or a clock and you never appeared to be in a hurry - even though I realized when we left that we had taken a lot of your time and I'm sure stayed longer than our "allotted" time.  You answered all of my questions and seemed to even wait to make sure I had asked everything before wrapping it up.  What a difference - I didn't leave with my mind in a whirlwind trying to remember what was said - I left with a feeling of hope for Jordyn and a feeling of peace - that at last we have found the right place.  And, Jordyn loved you - as much as she loves interaction, she is not normally falling all over someone she just met!  So, again, thank you very much.  I'm excited about getting started at Let's Talk!

Kim R.

"Mommy, let's go find more Easter eggs!"..."I don't want to watch that video... it scares me"..."Daddy, fill the pool up so we can swim"..."I'm finished eating, may I pleased be excused?" Wow!!!! Words and sentences I only daydreamed of hearing flow from Rachel's mouth 2 years ago.


I cry tears of joy when I ponder where she was with her speech... and where she's come!


At her 17 month well baby check, I insisted Rachel be evaluated at the DEC for developmental Delay. And, although she showed marked delay in development, it was not recommended that she start speech therapy. Again, I insisted she start some therapy and that the state pay for its mandated portion.( Remember, we parents are our children's BEST advocates ) Well, Rachel did start speech therapy at a large facility in Raleigh that caters to MANY clients. Although kind folks, their approach to Rachel was very "canned". "Rachel, say pig". "Rachel, say oink". When I questioned (not trying to diagnose) the chance that Rachel might have traits of Apraxia, I was brushed off quickly, being told that (that) was a very controversial diagnoses. When I asked about homework I could be doing with my daughter... one sheet of pictures was copied on the machine and handed to me without much explanation. Three strikes... THEY were OUT!!!


Our Early Intervention Advocate advised me to immediately call LET'S TALK. I did.. and it has been a love affair ever since.


Rachel started right away with Tanya McDowell... and funny thing.. with her (Tanya's) very professional approach, and using a method that works well with kids with "apraxia".. Rachel started speaking words!!! They had a great repoire , I was given a folder (the famous purple one known well to all Let's Talk clients) which got thick with homework that Rachel did at home with a little M&M bribing. Yeah, praise the Lord,.... progress.


After a good foundation of speech/vocabulary was established it was determined by Tanya and Tracy that Tracy should pick up Rachel. I ssoo appreciated their professional collaborating and teamwork. Rachel loved Miss Tanya, but soon fell in love with Miss Tracy too!!!!!!!!!! With a slightly different technique for her new needs, Rachel continued in her progress.


Rachel has graduated from LET'S TALK with Tracy and Tanya's blessings. Whenever we drive down Jones Franklin Road , I hear...". There's Miss Tanya and Miss Tracy "!!!! (don't forget about Miss Jamie and Miss Sharon too)


What a fine practice!!!! I don't just say that with a mom opinion... I am a former peds nurse... and I know how things should run.


My daughter now reads to ME at night. What a blessing. LET's TALK... we love you.


I will send you a picture of Rachel's first day of Kindergarten next year!"


In Appreciation, Tracey D.

Tracey D.

"Austin was two and three months when we came to Let's Talk in 2002. He had been evaluated several times and no one was sure about the diagnosis. Maybe mild autism or verbal apraxia, whatever it was, all that mattered to us that he received the help he needed and Tracy Vail and Tanya McDowell provided us the guidance we desired and the services Austin needed. From maybe a 10 word vocabulary to now in 2006, Austin is thriving in the regular second grade classroom. Over the years Austin has seen several of the therapists at Let's Talk and has responded wonderful to all of them because Tanya and Tracy are great at what they do and have a wonderful staff of therapists. You receive great feedback and yes homework but also progress reports to help with coordinating therapy once they enter school. My life has been blessed since we came to Let's Talk and they will never be forgotten because Austin is who he is and where he is today because of all their hard work and determination. Words are not enough to express our sincere gratitude for them and Austin will always have a special place in his heart for them."


The Holmes Family- Laura, Daniel, Alex, Ryan, Austin and Katelyn

Laura H

"Our child was diagnosed with autism shortly after her second birthday. She did not talk at the time and based on that we were told, there was a good chance that she would not have language. We talked with any one that might know something that would help Austen. One name kept coming up- TRACY VAIL/LET'S TALK. Watching Tracy work with Austen is so comforting. Austen can talk now...A LOT! When I see the way she responds to Tracy, when I think about how far she has come, I know I have done my best for her. That is the most important thing to me. If I could choose anyone in the world to help Austen with language, it would be Tracy Vail. She has a gift and you can see it from the very first visit. Let's Talk is a place you can feel good about. The staff is great, they know me, they know my child, and they are always willing to help." Sidney M. 


"When people ask about Austen and how she is doing, we say we take it a day at a time, but overall she is great. When people ask about her language and behavior we automatically think of Tracy. I think Austen talks today because of what Tracy has accomplished with her for the past 3 years. Very simply she has a gift and has been kind enough to share it with lots of families and kids. She has given us hope for Austen's future." Paige M.

Sidney and Paige M.

My name is Susan Kennedy. I am a physician and a mom of a child with autism. I have been a client of Let's Talk for about 6 years.This company and Tracy Vail have helped me more than words can describe. I think Tracy is one of the country's leading experts on designing and implementing individualized therapy programs that are not only appropriate for the child, but functional. She is deeply committed to the children and families she consults with. I remember she told me one time "Susan, this is not just my job, but this is what I was put on Earth to do." and truly she feels this way about her work. Last, but not least, Tracy is brilliant at what she does and if you are a parent of a child with autism you will not find a better person to work with you and your child.As far as the company itself, it is an extremely well run business that has grown by leaps and bounds over the years. The office staff is great, friendly, and prompt on returning phone calls and following up on questions. The other therapists are excellent. Tracy supervises much of their work and would not allow anyone who she didn't think was fantastic with the kids work there. This is not just a business, this is her passion and she sets high standards in her office.Recently my other son has started seeing Tanya McDowell for an articulation problem. She has been excellent with him and obviously is an expert in her field."Susan Kennedy

"Let's Talk is a great service.  The therapists work and cooperate with the parents/nannies by sharing tips, including us in the therapy so that we can help the child.  The child has had a great time at Let's Talk, he even gets excited about coming here.  I've noticed the improvements in the way he speaks, eye contact, and even in some fine/gross motor skills.  In the long run, I see the goals being met and enjoy learning and contribution with Let's Talk"

Samantha H.  (Nanny)


"When my son, Simon, was first diagnosed with Autism, I heard about Tracy Vail and Let's Talk. We didn't immediately go to see Tracy because we were in Durham and she was in Raleigh. Instead we chose a SLP who could come to our home in Durham. That first year, we learned a lot about what did and did not work with Simon. We found out about Verbal Behavior and started working with him at home applying this new found technique and found this was the key to unlocking his communication. Later that year, we realized that our first SLP was not making any breakthroughs but we were in our home program.That is when I attended at Workshop and heard Tracy Vail speak. I was mesmerized by her and the work she was doing. I was so amazed to see the kids she was working with and their progress. By the end of the workshop, I was convinced Simon must see Tracy. I called Lets Talk and got on the waiting list to see Tracy. It took a few months but was well worth the wait.The very first time Simon worked with Tracy there was an instant connection.Simon said words I had never heard him say and cried so hard when the session was over. He never wanted to leave let's Talk. At that point I realized that Tracy has an amazing gift from God to work with kids with Autism. We were able to see her for about a year, 2 times a week and each time Simon cried at the end of each session having to leave Tracy. We also were able to have Tracy consult on our home program. After that year we moved away to Ohio but Tracy has continued to come and consult with us here.I have learned so many invaluable lessons from Tracy. She has taught me so much about how to help my son become verbal. He was diagnosed with Severe Verbal Apraxia by Tracy when he was 5. Now some 3 years later he has over 200 signs and 50 words and he is saying new words each day! To see him talking is such a wonderful miracle! Thank you Tracy for your work with Simon, our family, and home tutors you have made a tremendous difference in all our lives and we are so thankful that God brought you into our lives. I highly recommend Tracy Vail; she is God's gift to the families she works with. We love you Tracy! Thank you again for your work with Simon."

Trina N

Dare County Schools training on Using Discrete Trial Teaching in the Schools

  • "Thanks for making this the most meaningful and enjoyable 2 day workshop that I've attended during teacher workdays ever in the past 22 years!  Your video clips and examples were great!!
  • "Tracy's addition of explanations of language development and the functions of language for communication bridged the gap left after other trainings."
  •  "This workshop came at a perfect time for me and will become the starting point for this new year with my new child."
  •  "I would like to see ALL of our teachers attend this workshop!"
  •  "This was an excellent workshop.  You had high energy which kept my attention.  I loved the video clips and seeing the children's growth!  I felt I got to know the kids and their growth really touched me."
  • "You gave me some great ideas!"
  • "Tracy would be very excellent at also providing an overview of ASD, especially for general education teachers!"
  • "For me, the film clips were the best way for me to learn how to interact, teach facts, build fluency, repetition, reinforcement etc..Everything was very informative."
  • "I want more!"
  • "I would like to see regular ed teachers have training or at least grade level representation because of the higher number of kids we are seeing."
  • "I loved it!  Very informative and helpful."
  • "I am leaving this workshop with a wealth of ideas on how to approach, get to know and teach my new student."
  • "Loved it!  Great 2 days and very interesting."




My son Noah has been receiving speech therapy from Erin Maher at Let's Talk for over 2 years.  When Noah started with Erin he had little useful language and great difficulty expressing his needs and wants.  Through once and sometimes twice weekly sessions with Erin, Noah finally was able to communicate much more effectively.  Erin has a wonderful gift that allows her to get children to "work" through play.  She has developed a wonderful rapport with not only Noah but our whole family.  We are truly blessed to have Erin as Noah's Therapist.

Caroline R.



When our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, our world fell apart. Tracy Vail and Let's Talk helped see us through a confusing and difficult time, providing wise advice, a personalized plan, efficient follow-through, and best of all . . . fantastic results!   Using Tracy's expertise to create our in-home program was the best decision we've made for our son's treatment. Our son is thriving and making dramatic improvements. Tracy and her excellent staff have made that possible, and we are forever grateful. Mom to 3 yr old son with Autism


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My son Noah has been receiving speech therapy from Erin Maher at Let's Talk for over 2 years.  When Noah started with Erin he had little useful language and great difficulty expressing his needs and wants.  Through once and...

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