We are pleased to share the positive feedback we have received from many of our patients. If you would like to share your experience at Let's Talk please email our Office Manager, Sharon Carroll, at scarroll@letstalksls.com. Thank you for sharing!

My son, Josiah Jones, was assigned to Speech Therapist Laura Manning for about one year.  When he first met with her he had no instructional control and no communicative words.  Twice a week I watched Josiah open up to Laura more, start complying with her instructions, and begin to say words that we could understand.  His focus and eye contact with her was greatly improved.  The last months with Laura before, she moved out of the state, he became even more verbal.  He even told us to "open the door...wanna go"  while Laura and I were chatting about his session.  We were both pleasantly surprised.  Laura's final session with Josiah was very emotional.  He continued to show great progress.  At the end of our session for the last time with Laura, she said goodbye to Josiah and he actually said "bye" as if he knew it was their last time together.  Laura was visibly moved by this. 

Sharon J.

We have visited many Speech and Occupational Therapists; however, we never found any that meet and exceed our expectations as does Let's Talk.  We moved to another county and still drive 75 minutes because we have seen so much improvement in our daughter's communication and self-help skills.

My daughter, Sarah, is 9 years old and has been treated at Let's Talk since she was 3.  Through play therapy and finding out what motivates Sarah in particular, Sarah has learned numerous signs and words.  Because they cared about what motivated Sarah, we learned Sarah could say a word if it was a fill-in in a book or song.  Ths individual approach opened the door of communcation for my daughter. 

Sarah not only receives Speech and OT, but Specialized Consultative Services as well with Tracy Vail.  the consultation Services have helped us to establish a home program that we incorporate at school as well.  Sarah has several challenging behaviors that we have addressed with a behavior plan through the consultation services.  As a result, we have seen a decrease in outbursts and have a consistant approach to deal with behaviors when they come.  All children with special needs would benefit from the services offered at Let's Talk.  I could not recommend them more highly. 

Shannon B.

When our little boy received an autism diagnosis at two-and-a-half years old, our family was shattered. We, like all parents who hear such a dire prediction about their child’s future, tried to navigate our way through the many channels of support. It’s not easy to determine the best approach. Everyone has an opinion. Everything is confusing. No one knows your child’s potential.   No one, that is, except Tracy Vail and her team at Let’s Talk. Tracy and Nicole Miller, ABA therapist, have changed our lives. As our program manager, Tracy evaluated our son and helped us create the goals and determine the therapies that would make our son whole. Tracy, more than anyone else we’ve met through this long journey, was able to truly "get" our son and pinpoint his needs. Nicole executed those strategies expertly through play - thoughtful, purposeful, educational play. We, of course, reinforced those teachings at home, using the techniques Tracy and Nicole showed us.    Nicole taught our son skills that most children pick up inherently.  She did this with empathy, patience, determination, and firmness. Our therapies evolved from hours in the clinic, to playdates in our home, to public excursions, to visits in his mainstream school – whatever best addressed our son’s needs.   Tracy and Nicole have been a key factor in our son’s recovery. Today, at age five, our little guy is thriving. His doctor says we should have him retested so we can close this chapter of our lives. His teacher (in a regular classroom) congratulates us for raising such a wonderful and caring person. He has friends. He is happy.  He has graduated from speech and occupational therapy because he is now age appropriate. And best of all, the world doesn’t scare him anymore . . . and the future doesn’t scare us.

CR's Mom

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