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Some children, particularly those on the autism spectrum, benefit from an intensive home program. Let's Talk provides families with the tools needed to start and run a home-based program. Goals and programming techniques are chosen based on the goals of the family and the needs of the child to insure the best possible outcomes.  


Home Program Set Up:  

  • INITIAL INFORMATION SESSION (Consultant or Family Trainer): We review services available and discuss teaching techniques. We meet the child and determine possible reinforcers and general areas needing to be assessed. Family needs/goals and resources are discussed. (Minimum 1 hour in the clinic, 2 hours in the home).  
  •  INITIAL CONSULT(Consultant): A combination of formal and informal assessment of current communication and social skills is conducted. Based on the initial information session and evaluation, suggestions for further programming are made individualized to the needs of the child and the resources of the family (Minimum 2 hours).
  • PROGRAM PLAN DEVELOPMENT (Consultant): Based on the results of the evaluation, specific goals and objectives as well as teaching strategies for each are provided in written form. The program developed can be carried out by the family, instructors hired by the family or instructors hired by Let's Talk (Minimum 4 hours). 
  • INITIAL PROGRAM TRAINING (Consultant): Parents, instructors and Family Trainer are provided training on how to implement the program plan. All questions about the results of the assessment and focus of the plan are addressed and future training/consulting services are specified (Minimum 4 hours).  
  •  MILEAGE: Mileage is charged for all services provided in the home at the current federal rate.  

 ***The above services are the minimal services needed to get started on an intensive home program. The total cost of all these services combined is $1,000.00. All of the services can also be obtained individually with hourly rates applied***  

  • FOLLOW UP CONSULTATIONS: The consultant can monitor the program through review of written notes, however, it is strongly recommended that the family schedule visits with the consultant at least every 8 weeks initially to insure the child is moving at the most effective pace. The consultant must see the child before any additional goals are added to the program. Hourly charges apply.  


Tracy Vail, Speech Language Pathologist, Autism Consultant
Tracy Vail
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist/Autism Consultant

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