(All fees subject to change without notice)

Mileage is charged at the current federal rate for all off site services


Individual 45 min: $115  
Individual 30 min: $75  
Partial Evaluation: $155  
Complete Evaluation $200  
Extended Evaluation $235  
Individual 60 minute: $155    Home Program Training  $125 p/hr
Individual 45 minute: $135   Home Program Development $125 p/hr
Individual 30 minute: $85  
Partial Evaluation $185  
Complete Evaluation $230  
Extended Evaluation $260      

No Show Fee:

       Failure to cancel with 24 hour notice: $25 per therapist.

       Cancelation less than 30 minutes prior to scheduled appointment time will be charged the full session rate.



(Insurance does not typically reimburse for these services.)  

We are offering consulting services.  These services are generally not billable to your insurance.  Fees for these services are due at the time the service is provided.


**Mileage is charged for all off site services at the current federal rate**  


Assessment of the child, development of goals and objectives, development of teaching strategies specific to the child and a 4 hour training of the team implementing the program (parents, family and/or outside staff). Home programs are developed by an SLP.


For new or established patients who wish to have a consultation on a specific issue or for ongoing supervision and training for home programs either designed by us or another consultant.  Services can include phone consults, e-mail consults, report writing, program updates and staff/parent training.  Minimum in office 1 hr, out of office 2 hours, more than 2 hours away- full day, out of state 2 days.


Provided by the family trainer to implement teaching strategies as developed by the consultant.  For parents running home programs it is recommended that family training be conducted for a minimum of 12 hours until teaching strategies are mastered.  Some teams may need more or less depending on prior experience.  


Any reports requested by you or your insurance companies, attorneys, other agencies etc., which are above and beyond the typically required therapy paperwork. 

CHILD ADVOCACY:   $125/hr  

Attending meetings to advocate or offer suggestions to outside agencies.


Initial consultation to meet the child prior to agreement to testify: $125/hr. (Required if the Expert Witness has not been assessed or consulted with the child in the past).

Initial consultation with attorney to learn the basic facts of the petition/case before agreement to testify: $125/hr (required)

Review of records and other materials related to trial along with all research in support of the retaining party: $125.00/hr.

If a research article is required or recommended to support the retaining party, the research will be billed at cost or provided by counsel.

Trial preparation (e-mail, video conferencing and telephone, report writing): $125.00/hr.

Assessments conducted on the child including time spent in report writing: $125/hr.

All in-person work including expert consultation, depositions and hearings: $150.00/hr.

Travel time: $25.00/hr.

Round trip Mileage from our office will be billed at the current federal standard rate.

For all sites requiring travel of more than 1 hr from our office, retaining party agrees to provide and arrange suitable hotel accommodations provided from the night before any required in-person work through the last day of required in-person work. All meal expenses will be covered beginning the first day of in-person work and continue to be covered until in-person work concludes.

Any necessary round trip airline flights as well as ground transportation while on location, will be provided and arranged by the retaining party and scheduled in concert with the witness.

Please note that because of the time commitment made in these cases, any cancellation of services less than 96 hours from time of scheduled service, flight, or travel will result in payment for one 8 hour day of service at $150 per hour.

All invoices will be paid for by the retaining party within 15 days of invoice date.

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