Articulation/Phonological Disorders

Articulation disorders are placement errors that occur during the production of speech sounds (phonemes) in isolation, syllables, words, phrases, sentences and conversations. Examples of this disorders include frontal and lateral lisps, weak articulation of /r/, substituting /y/ for /l/ and difficulty with blends /r,s,l/.  

Phonological disorders are different from articulation disorders because they generally affect a whole class or group of sounds. Typically developing children sometimes simplify words by using these processes when they are first learning to talk but outgrow their use as their sound system develops.  

A phonological process disorder is diagnosed when the child is still using these simplification processes after the age when they should no longer be doing so. Examples of phonological processes include fronting, backing, affrication, deaffrication, stopping, deleting final consonants, deleting initial consonants, gliding, and weak syllable deletions. When the processes are corrected then this will correct a group of sounds.  

Here at Let's Talk we provide a wide variety of techniques to correct articulation and phonological errors. We provide screenings and evaluations to determine if the child is demonstrating a delay or disorder and develop comprehensive treatment plans including consistent home carryover.


Tanya McDowell
Tanya McDowell
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist
Erin Maher
Erin Maher
Speech/Language Pathologist
Ashley Petrilyak at Let's Talk
Ashley Petrilyak
Speech/Language Pathologist
Jean Jarrett, MS, CCC/SLP
Jean Jarrett
Speech/Language Pathologist

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