Language Disorders

Children can exhibit delays or disorders in their understanding and use of language that can greatly impact their ability to learn and develop social relationships.  A language evaluation can assist in determining what specific language difficulty the child is experiencing.  The following includes some of the most common areas of language difficulties:

  • RECEPTIVE LANGUAGE: refers to what the child understands.  This can range from difficulty understanding specific words used to understanding complex directions. 
  • EXPRESSIVE LANGUAGE: refers to how the child uses language or the language output of the child.
  • PRAGMATIC LANGUAGE: refers to how the child functionally uses language in their everyday life.  Children with pragmatic language difficulties may have difficulty asking questions or may not know how to take turns in conversation.
  • SEMANTICS: refers to vocabulary and word relationships.  A child with a delay or disorder in semantic skills may have difficulty completing tasks such as giving items in a category or telling how objects are used.
  • SYNTAX:  refers to the grammar or word order of language.  A child with a syntax delay or disorder may formulate sentences that are grammitcally incorrect or use inappropriate word endings. 


Tracy Vail, Speech Language Pathologist, Autism Consultant
Tracy Vail
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist/Autism Consultant
Tanya McDowell
Tanya McDowell
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist
Erin Maher
Erin Maher
Speech/Language Pathologist
Ashley Petrilyak at Let's Talk
Ashley Petrilyak
Speech/Language Pathologist
Jean Jarrett, MS, CCC/SLP
Jean Jarrett
Speech/Language Pathologist

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