Parent Training

At Let's Talk we believe that parent participation in the therapeutic process is very important. Having the child work with a therapist once, twice or even three times a week will not provide rapid progress unless the child also has consistent practice at home on a daily basis.  

Parent training can occur in a variety of ways depending on the needs of the child. Parents are encouraged to sit in on the therapy sessions, watch what the therapist is doing and ask questions so they can provide carryover activities at home. If the child has difficulty with the parent in the room, we have observation windows and headphones so parents can observe the session from outside the room.  

 In addition, home consultations are also available by our Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists,  Behavior Specialists or Family Trainers.

The speech therapist can come to the home to help with home set-up/organization for increased communication, observe and coach parents through carryover activities and train families and support staff.

Some families choose to set up an intensive home program provided by the family and/or additional support staff. If this is the case, goals and objectives are created, teaching strategies are taught to the home team and on-going monitoring and support is offered. The therapist, consultant or family trainer can come to the home to help with home set-up/organization for increased communication etc...

Occupational therapists can conduct home consultations to develop sensory activites in the home and assist parents in training self-help skills.


Tracy Vail, Speech Language Pathologist, Autism Consultant
Tracy Vail
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist/Autism Consultant
Tanya McDowell
Tanya McDowell
Co-Owner / Speech/Language Pathologist

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