Social Communication

Social communication is a term often referred to as the child's ability to use language to interact in a social context. The skill requires the child to attend to a wide variety of stimuli including the context of the enviornment, non-verbal communication of the communicative partner and the words used to convey various functions of communication.  Many children with Autism, as well as other children with a wide variety of other types of communication disorders, often have difficulty with social communication.  The therapists at Let's Talk have specific training in observing and understanding specifically where the social communication skills are breaking down in order to develop appropriate treatment for each individual child.

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No More, More
By Tracy Vail, MS, CCC-SLP, Autism Consultant and Heather Forbes, MA, CCC-SLP, BCBA There is currently a great deal of debate in the field of speech-language pathology about the kinds of words that should be taught first to nonverbal (or minimally verbal) individuals with communication impairments...


"Let's Talk is a great service.  The therapists work and cooperate with the parents/nannies by sharing tips, including us in the therapy so that we can help the child.  The child has had a great time at Let's Talk, he even...

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