Language In Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers: Creative Solutions to Common Problems: Working with Children with ASD

This presentation made by Tracy Vail in conjunction with JoAnne Gerenser,PhD,CCC/SLP and Arlene Kaye, MS,CCC/SLP presents case studies in which a variety of teaching strategies were used to solve common problems for young children with Autism.  Joanne's case study involved teaching a severely impaired child to respond to receptive instructions.  Tracy focused on teaching a child to ask for information under appropriate conditons and Arlene focused on facilitating conversatonal turn taking and pronoun use with children who exhibit a high degree of echolalia.

Augmentative Communication: Step by Step

This presentation was designed for parents and paraprofessionals who have or work with children with Autism.  Topics such as which type of augmentative system to choose and basic teaching considerations are discussed.

Combining Treatment Approaches When Working with Children with Autism

In this presentation we discuss a wide variety of popular approaches for working with children with Autism and how to combine them to meet the needs of individual children.

Communication Training for Children with Autism: Combining Applied Verbal Behavior and Social-Emotional Approaches​

This presentation addresses basic information about applied verbal behavior including verbal operands and teaching strategies.  The importance of using techniques from social-emotional approaches to create motivation and address social skills is stressed.

Increasing Motivation to Communicate

This presentation was designed to train instructors in ways to increase the motivation of children with autism to interact and communicate with others.

Introduction to Floortime (DIR)

This presentation covers and over view of the Developmental, Individual Differences, Relationship Based Intervention model developed by Stanley Greenspan.

Introduction to Verbal Behavior

This presentation covers the basics of verbal behavior as defined by B.F. Skinner.

Teaching Communication and Other Important Skills to Children with Autism

This presentation was given by Tracy Vail,MS,CCC/SLP at the National Autism Conference in 2009.  It covers the teaching of a wide variety of important skills when working with children with Autism.

Teaching in the Natural Environment

This presentation is a short session on creating and capturing opportunities to teach children with autism skills during play and in common daily activities.

Toy Play in Autism

These presentation focuses on choosing toys for children with autism and teaching important skills in the context of play interactions.

Treating Severe Articulation Problems in Children with Autism

Children with autism often have difficulty learning to speak.  This presentation includes strategies for increasing the vocal abilities of children with autism.

Using Applied Behavior Analysis in the Schools

This presentation has been made to many school systems to assist teachers in understanding and applying behavioral principles in their teaching with children with Autism.


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